Wines of Oregon 

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Our Wineries

Chateau Bianca Winery
This family owned and operated winery was established in the mid-1980’s. The annual production is intentionally small and committed to high quality, while simultaneously offering an exceptional value. Originally from Germany, the Wetzel family has been producing award-winning wines for four generations. Thirty-five years of producing wine in Oregon has given them a unique insight few wineries share in this ever changing industry. Chateau Bianca Winery’s estate vineyard is trained to a vertical upright canopy. This allows for shoot positioning, leaf removal and enhanced air circulation. This in turn, develops color and concentrates flavor in their wines. Their wine making philosophy consistently produces superior quality wines with intense flavor profiles that are marketed at an irresistible value.    

Wetzel Estate Wines
These wines are of very limited production coming exclusively from our Estate Vineyard. We produce delicious Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, a non-vintage and vintage sparkling wine as well as our renowned Fireside Port. “Old world quality sold for new world prices”.

Obsidian Wines

Carefully selected fruit from a single vineyard in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon make up these intense, delightful red wines. 

The Pines 1852 Winery and Vineyard

The Pines Vineyard, located in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge has been producing quality wine grapes for more than a century. The Pines 1852 is a family-owned and

operated winery and vineyard. Their passion for the grape is clear when you sample one of their estate-grown, limited production boutique wines. They are involved in each

step of getting the grape into the bottle: from hand-picking the grapes, to bottling, to hand waxing the neck. Their family's passion for the grape will become clear when you

open a bottle of their exquisite wine. 

Silver Falls Vineyard

This family owned and operated winery is located in the mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon. We provide high quality boutique wines, including Oregon’s famous and our award winning Pinot Noirs. Our vineyard consists of 18 acres of thirty year old vines in the heart of our one hundred acre farm. The vineyard enjoys lounging on the hillside drinking in the sun and growing the sweetest best tasting wine grapes we can muster. The vines include Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Riesling and Muscat. This variety translates into many great selections for wine enthusiasts.

   Provincial Vineyards

Tartan Cellars

tar·tan { noun }

1: a plaid textile design of Scottish origin consisting of stripes of varying width and color usually patterned to designate a distinctive clan
2 a: a twilled woolen fabric with tartan design
b: a fabric with tartan design
3: a garmet of tarten design
4: Tasty, handcrafted, boutique wines made in Oregon by Darcy Pendergrass

The above are all technically correct definitions. The tartan on my label is my family's tartan. A tartan however means something more to me; it stands for something greater, heritage. 

May your glas be full and your table surrounded by friends. May you never forget where you have come from, but always look forward to where you are going. 

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